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I Wanna Make a Game

I’ve recently said to myself”I wanna make a game”, a phrase I’ve uttered many, many times before.  It’s the reason I learned how to program in the first place.  My original goal was to make games for a living.  So why am I working at a company that doesn’t make anything close to video games instead of a company that only makes video games?  At some point, I realized that working for most video games companies would result me getting paid a lot less for working a lot more.  After working 50-60 hour weeks in grad school, I now value my free time highly.  I’m not going to work for a company that expects me to work more than 40 hours a week for a salaried position.   If I was paid hourly, then I might consider it, but that is rarely the case in my line of work.

So I don’t work for a game company, and I’ve currently no intention (or the means) to start my own.  That doesn’t mean I can’t make games in my free time.  I’ve done it before, although it often ends in failure.  So why am I not doing that now?  A couple of reasons: making games requires so much effort.  Even making something simple like pong can exhausting.  Which brings me to my second reason: I’m already program for 40 hours a week.  That makes it hard to come home, sit down in front of a computer, and spend even more time programming when I have other hobbies I could be spending time on.  The games I’ve worked on are (usually) more interesting than what I’m working on at work, so once I “hit my stride”, it becomes really easy to come home and work on a game (until you hit a wall).  The hard part is the considerable effort I need to put in before I hit my stride.  So basically, I wanna make a game, but I don’t really feel like it.

An Unbelievable Amount of Push-Ups

Let me tell you a story: when I was much younger, I took martial arts classes for about a year (Tang Soo Do to be exact).  When I first started, I couldn’t do even 10 push-ups or sit-ups.  By the time I quit a year later, I could manage to pump out 50 push-ups and 200+ sit-ups.  I don’t know how many more sit-ups I could do at the time since I didn’t stop at 200 because I couldn’t do any more, I stopped because I was bored.  My point is this: I don’t think I’ve ever been (relatively) stronger than I was at that time.  So when I’m told that there’s a training program that can get me doing 100 push-ups in 6 weeks, I call shenanigans on that.

And yet, for reasons undefined, I decided to give the 100 push-ups thing a try.  So I did the initial test to see how many push-ups I could do, which would in turn determine regiment to start on: I could barely manage 15.  I know, I’m so strong.  Terry Crews has nothing on me.  Unfortunately, the program agrees with me, so I ended up on the hardest regiment.  After barely surviving the first week, my muscles were telling me that this was an awful idea.  I was positive my body was going to melt if I did another push-up ever again.  Luckily, my body is still intact after week 2.  I can’t always be right, it seems.  I still don’t think I’ll be able to pump out 100 push-ups after 4 more weeks, but I’ll make sure to write all about it regardless of the results.  I also need to make a will, just in case.