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Drinking-Age Arcade Machines

There have been a couple of new arcades opening up around here in the past couple of months, which is a fact that doesn’t necessarily excite me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some arcades.  Every time I come across an arcade with a DDR or Time Crisis machine, I’m spending money there.  It’s just a natural law.  Things with more mass attract things with less mass, nothing is faster than light, and André will pay money to step on arrows when given the chance. So why don’t these new arcades excite me?  Because these arcades deal exclusively in  that are all about “retro gaming”.

Now, I have a problem with an arcade having old games.  I even understand why an arcade might have fewer newer games (money, availability, etc.), and that’s fine.  But my jimmies get a bit rustled at the idea of an arcade making it a point to only have games that are old enough to drink.  Some people seem to have this notion that the games stopped being good after ~1994, and that’s just something I completely disagree with.  This completely ignores the existence of modern fighting games.  Furthermore, there were a lot of bad games in the old days, but people forgot about them the same way people forgot about bad movies/books/music from the same era.  Maybe retro gaming is all about nostalgia, in which case, this is something I’ll never understand.  Not only do I rarely get nostalgic, I get slightly annoyed when people try to appeal to my nearly-nonexistent sense of nostalgia.  I guess my point is this: these new arcades are disappointing.