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String Theory

I recently had the following thought: I want to have a bass and guitar with thicker strings for when I want to play something in drop C, or some other lower tuning.  My first idea is to just buy thicker strings and put them on my main bass/guitar, but I feel like I’d be shooting myself in the foot when I want to play something in standard tuning, as I often do.  So my second idea is to buy a new bass and guitar for the heavier strings.  But it does seem a bit silly to buy a second set (probably) identical instruments just to put thicker strings on it.  Also, if I buy a new bass, I’m going to get a fretless one.

Then it hit me: my first bass and guitar have been sitting on their respective racks, collecting dust.  It’s kinda sad to have instruments that are that neglected, so why not put new, thicker strings on them?  Because there’s a reason why they’ve been collecting dust: my new bass and guitar are better than them in every way possible.  But what if I made them suck significantly less?  I could put new electronics in them, replace bridges, etc.  Do I know how to do any of that?  Not at all.  And what better way to learn than to fix up your old, unloved instruments?  But that’s the problem: they unused, but not unloved.  Those are my babies, and I’d rather not accidentally ruin them because I have no idea what I’m doing.  So for now, my dusty instruments will likely continue to remain dusty until I gather the courage to do something with them.