I’m a squid!

I used to be a human.  I walked upright, I possessed bones, I only had 4 limbs, etc.  But last Friday, I bought Splatoon, and my life changed dramatically.  I lost my bones, I can squirt ink, and I now have 10 limbs (which is obviously superior to having 4).  It’s pretty rare for me to buy a game on release date given my sizable gaming backlog, but I played Splatoon during the Global Testfires, and realized that a) this is really fun, and b) I need this in my life.  So when release date came around, I took the dive and bought Splatoon.

The most important thing I have to say about Splatoon is that it’s not only excessively fun, it’s addictive.  It’s I-guess-I-can-play-one-more-round-and-oh-my-two-hours-have-passed addictive.  When I get home, the first thing I will do is play some Splatoon.  It will likely be the last thing I do before I go to bed.  The single player campaign actually exists, and it’s worth pulling yourself away from multi-player long enough to finish.  There are motion controls, and while you can turn them off, you really shouldn’t.  I’m finding it easier to aim with motion controls on, but then again, I don’t normally play first/third person shooters using dual analog sticks, so it didn’t take a lot of effort for me to get comfortable with the motion controls.

It isn’t all roses and sunshine, though.  People have complained about a lack of content for a $60 game, and they aren’t completely unjustified.  There’s only 5 maps, and Nintendo only lets you play on two every 4 hours.  They’re randomly selected for each match, and the two maps gets swapped out with two other ones every 4 hours.  I haven’t had much of an issue with that, but there are times where I’ve played the same map 6 times in a row (which is improbable, but not impossible).  Nintendo has plans for releasing free maps, weapons, and other content over the summer, which is nice, but I can understand the desire to have all that stuff now.

There’s no voice chat, which doesn’t bother me at all (I’d rather not hear people talk), but I can see why people would want that in a team-based game.  You have predefined phrases you can use, but there’s only two (“Booyah!” and “Come on!”), and that’s just woefully inadequate.  One annoyance that I’m surprised didn’t get fixed during development is you can’t change your squid’s weapon & gear without leaving the multi-player lobby, which is annoying.  So you might end up on a team that has everyone using rollers (which is often a bad thing).  But really, I find these all to be minor annoyances.  Splatoon, as I previously mentioned, is excessively fun.  If you have a Wii U and lack Splatoon, you need to get your life right and become a squid.

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