Breath of the Wild is pretty good

Nintendo released a new console, as you may already know.  For those who don’t know, it’s called the Nintendo Switch, and it’s this weird portable/home console hybrid.  Normally, I don’t buy systems at launch unless there’s a compelling reason to do so.  In fact, the only system I bought at launch was the Wii, and that was to play Twilight Princess.  So, it’s not really surprising that Breath of the Wild is what got me to buy a Switch at  launch.  So when March 3rd came around (which has been officially dubbed “Switchmas”), Amazon delivered unto me my new console and the latest Zelda game to go along with it.

Let me take a moment to talk about the Switch.  The first thing worth noting is that the thing is tiny.  Surprisingly tiny.  The Joy-Cons, the detachable controllers that connect to The Switch, feel tiny, yet surprisingly comfortable.  It comes with a grip you can attach the Joy-Cons to in order to make it feel like a more traditional controller, and that is currently my jam.  Of course, you can just attach the Joy-Cons to the side of the console itself, which is basically a beefy tablet, and play wherever you want.  For me, “wherever I want” was in bed, and that worked perfectly.  After spending most of my weekend playing Breath of the Wild on my Switch, I realized I made a critical error: I really should have taken the following week off.

One one hand, it’s really unsurprising that Nintendo made a good game.  It’s kinda what they do.  Nor is it surprising that a Zelda game is good, since they typically are.  But Breath of the Wild is just transcendent.  Of the first 48 hours since Amazon dropped the Switch on my doorstep, over 20 of those hours were spent playing Breath of the Wild.  The fact that I’m not playing it right now truly rustles my jimmies.  I’m not going to go into that much detail about the game, because I’m not trying to give a review of the game.  I’m just here to tell you that if you aren’t playing this game right now, you’re living a subpar life.  Seriously, you need this game in your life.  Get it on the Wii U if you have to!  People will be talking about this game like they talk about Ocarina of Time.  Breath of the Wild is a new benchmark in gaming, and I wish I was playing it right now.

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